The way I see design, Creation shall promote change; evolve the existent, and offer new perspectives on the future.

Creation can only be raised out of sincere thought, without fear of loss or failure. It takes a lot of courage because it means; requisitioning yourself and the world we live in. Daring to reevaluate your inner values and at the same time finding the perfect balance fueling the proper identity and soul within every single creation.

Ultimately creation will then fill its purpose, because its only when emotions last over time can it make us change how we see the world. 

My jewelry reflects my personal spiritual journey in life, each piece is a diary entry; a story on it’s own.  Every creation is embedded with symbolic meaning, personal instincts, impulses and dreams. Some pieces are consciously born; others brought into existence through the unconscious world.  Creating is my way to catch mementos, preserving inner feelings and recreating them converting them into the present.


I created J DAUPHIN in 2006 with the aim to deliver products with soul and longevity. My first collection consisted in Ready to wear and Leather Accessories. My signum style became leather leggings, leather accessories, printed silks and statement jewelry. Everything I create has since the beginning been made with highest attentiveness to details and manufacturing. After years working at the Luxury groups LVMH brand Fendi as Group Product Manager and as a Designer at the Tod's Group in Italy, I never compromised to reach my vision of creating quality goods.

My first contact with fashion was a already as a child, my grandfather brought the Italian and French luxury sartorial fashion to Sweden and I have so many memories from playing in the stores or in the Paris showrooms. His impeccable taste and attention to details for both fashion and Art has made a great imprint on my life.

J DAUPHIN has been lauded and celebrated by press and featured in magazines such as Vogue UK, Vogue Germany, Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle France, Elle Italy and W Magazine.  J DAUPHIN has been worn several by celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Rooney Mara, Cindy Crawford, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Lykke Li, Malin Akerman, Erin Wasson, Frida Gianini and Chloe Sevigny.  

I have done several special collaborations and sold to many of the top stores over the world, some of them includes Bergdorf Goodman, Lane Crawford, Bon Marche, Harvey Nichols, H Lorenzo and Isetan