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Sacred Heart Ruby White Diamond Silver Medal Silver Chain

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Sacred Heart Ruby White Diamond Silver Medal Silver Chain

Sacred Heart Ruby White Diamond Silver Medal Silver Chain

Style: Long Silver Chain Necklace with a Large Oval Medal of a Sacred Heart covered in Rubies and White Diamonds and and additional Art Nouveau Silver Medal with Prong set Ruby

Material: Solid Sterling Silver Chain, Bronze Medal and Silver Medal

Gems: Ruby, White Diamond

Made in Los Angeles

Women's Necklace

Size: Length 28"

Embrace the extraordinary craftsmanship and profound symbolism embodied in this Sacred Heart Ruby White Diamond Silver Medal Chain Necklace, meticulously hand-crafted in Los Angeles.

This piece features a sterling silver chain, upon which hangs a large oval bronze medal depicting the Sacred Heart, an emblem of divine love and compassion. The Sacred Heart is adorned with rubies and white diamonds, a brilliant display of luxury and spiritual depth.

Rubies, often referred to as the "king of gems," are associated with the Root Chakra and are believed to stimulate vitality, sensuality, and confidence. Traditionally, they are considered stones of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. They symbolize the sun, and their red hue indicates an inextinguishable flame.

Accompanying the rubies are white diamonds, stones of purity, innocence, and eternity. Diamonds are thought to enhance the energies of other gemstones, symbolizing unity, commitment, and fidelity. In the context of chakras, they are believed to open all of them, with a particular connection to the Crown Chakra, fostering creativity, imagination, and inventiveness.

An additional Art Nouveau silver medal graces the piece, featuring a prong-set ruby, reinforcing the healing properties and enhancing the necklace's charm.

This necklace, measuring 28 inches in length, isn't merely an accessory. It's a symbol of divine love and compassion, adorned with gemstones traditionally associated with vitality, love, and clarity. It offers the wearer a unique blend of spiritual depth and aesthetic appeal.



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