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Exclusivity and Sustainability of Tomorrow


J Dauphin was conceived out of a desire to produce rare and
personalized creations imbued with a unique spirit. As a designer, my
admiration for excellent craftsmanship and superior quality drove me to seek the very best resources, engaging passionate artisans with exceptional skills from France and Italy to assist me in crafting singularly distinctive pieces.
Since 2006, I have been pioneering and manufacturing bespoke items acrossvarious fashion categories.

A personal hardship, a severe spinal injury and enduring a series of challenging years shifted my perspective dramatically.
I began to see the saturation in a world where everything exclusive in fashion had become universally accessible. But for me, exclusivity is at odds with accessibility. True exclusivity, as I see it, demands a radical departure from the norm. Yesterday's luxury no longer bears the badge of exclusivity. It
is neither rare nor unique. Tomorrow's luxury, as I envision it, should be exclusive, non-duplicable, and out of reach for the masses, embodying the essence of exclusivity in being one-of-a-kind.

My relentless pursuit of excellence inspired me to explore the realm of collectible vintage and
deadstock materials, including vintage buttons whose production has ceased due to increasing costs. My vast experience in high-end design, developed over years working at LVMH and through partnerships with the world's top department stores and boutiques, fueled a desire to fuse the allure of vintage with the world's finest materials. Employing masterful craftsmanship, I set out to
create "New Vintage" - a limited edition a series of unrivaled, one-of-a-kind pieces.

This unique endeavor reshapes the concept of vintage and pioneers a sustainable approach to fashion. "New Vintage", by definition, represents the apex of exclusivity and sustainability. After all, could there be anything more exclusive, more sustainable, than a line of pieces, each one unique and steeped
in history, yet reborn anew?


Custom Made

Custom Made

All our vintage jackets are unique and one of a kind. Most of our jackets are custom made exclusively for our customers and will never show up online. If you are interested to know more please contact us directly.

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