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Crystals & Chains Jackets

Crystals & Chains Jackets

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Sustainability is a mindset

We live in a saturated world where eveything looks the same, things are produced to be disposed quickly. To care about the nature and your footprint is more relevant than ever, well..if you have values. When it comes to sustainability but also individuality - artisanal craftmanship and limited production is key

I want the pieces I create to be different, they are made to make you feel special and unique. While following the latest trends might seem great, but to own your style and Identity is beyond cooler. Anyhow who wants to be a follower of an Influencer that is also a follower? Sorry but NO thank you.

I create for artists and rockstars - and other people that believe to dare in their own voice. Timeless Identity and sustainability doesn't need to be boring, actually it's the complete opposite. Trust me!

Designed to be loved for a life time our jackets are made entirely of reused collectible vintage and surplus to minimize environmental impact. Sustainability is a mindset, it's about our attitudes and ethics, it comes down to respect and appreciation and above all modesty in the way we consume.