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Our Vintage Jackets were originally Blue or Green, however we offer them in dyed Black.

Size and Fit:  We know Size and Fit can be a tough challenge when buying online.We are here to help and want to comfort you in the process, we are always available to assist you over the phone or chat. 

Our Sizes runs between xxs-xxl. Sizes can be compared with Gucci, jackets are intended to fit slightly oversize, but are true to size.

Original: is straight and chest, waist and hip has about the same measures, The jackets were originally made for men so doesn't have tailored waist. Sleeves have cuffs. 

Over Size :This fit Is a bit more oversize over chest and makes it ideal for anyone that has larger chest or like the oversize look. A size larger than your general size also gives you the the over size look. 

Boxy: is slightly shorter in length and has a bit boxier fit overall, Chest size is a bit larger than waist and hip. Which make it ideal  if you have larger chest or want a boxier look. Sleeves are wider, without cuff and a little bit shorter.  

Cropped: jacket has been made shorter and ends just above the hip.

Extra Long: If you are tall or like it extra long

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