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Black Jackets

Every jacket that is black has been dyed as all military jackets were originally Green and the French Work Wear was originally made Blue.

Size and Fit:  We know Size and Fit can be a tough challenge when buying online.We are here to help and want to comfort you in the process, we are always available to assist you over the phone or chat. 

Our Sizes runs between xxs-xxl. Sizes can be compared with Gucci, jackets are intended to fit slightly oversize, but are true to size.

The Us Military jackets are made in two models, originally they were made for men so the measure from breast to hip is straight, and are not tailored with a waist as regular women's wear.

Original: This is the classic straight cut of the military jackets, waist and hip has about the same measure, sleeves are longer, has cuff and are more fitted compared to the boxy version. The original is slight longer in length compared to the boxy fit. Our customers tend to buy one size larger than their original size to get it oversized.

Boxy: This Military jacket is slightly shorter in length and has a bit boxier fit overall, Chest size is a bit larger than waist and hip. Which make it ideal if you have larger chest or want a boxier look. Sleeves are wider, without cuff and a little bit shorter in length compared to the original.

Cropped:  This Military jacket has been altered and has been made shorter.

French Work Wear: This jacket has two lower side pockets and usually one smaller breast pocket. The shape is usually straight or slightly wider compared to breast. But equally to the military jacket this is a mens jacket and has no waist. This Model of jacket are available in original length, extra long or cropped. Our customers tend to buy true to their original size in work wear.

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