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Since the beginning when we created the brand in 2006, our vision has been to create products with longevity and to promote a balanced and respectful behavior with Mother Earth. We built our brand around the three principles; Faith, Devotion and Minimalism.

Our mission is to inspire, influence, educate, engage and actively find solutions that can bring us closer to the future we envision for our children and the coming generations. In order to succeed we need a massive and immediate initiative demanding collective action globally.

Sustainability is imperative, it demands questioning everything we do. Together we can help each other, inspire, influence, educate and engage with our community to create solutions to minimize our footprint.

There is many ways to be sustainable. We believe in creating a minimalist behavior. Buy what you truly love, invest in pieces you will keep for a long time. We create pieces with longevity, in our program of vintage pieces we repair and reuse vintage, buy deadstock and dye with natural colors using local production. Our Vintage products are 100% Sustainable.  


Raised awareness and climate crisis is forcing us to go beyond sustainable principles and create initiatives that not only raises awareness but directly contribute to change the world. 

Our values are holy, we aim to push for a change – we want to inspire, educate and make a difference. We believe in collective action but individually our approach to consumerism is at key. 


“Creation has the aim to influence, to challenge perceptions and ultimately create the change we want to see in the world”

With the vision to create a sustainable society, every product created is designed with sustainability in mind. While every product is different and crafted to be sustainable or recycled, reused and repaired first comes a respectful and minimal behavior. Our values and the understanding that every action we take have importance. While we can't win every battle, sustainability is neither black or white and sustainability can take many forms, seen from different perspectives.


Almost all of our products are one of a kind, created in few series with minimal to no waste or made to order, but also because we want to  create that magic feeling of wearing a unique product.

We repair, recycle and reuse vintage pieces, everything we do can be personalized. We believe that consumption needs to be reduced, that's why we are happy to work with you to personalize, customize and re-purpose from existing pieces and materials. 


We work with artisans and small factories using old school artisanal methods. . For our Vintage jackets all the materials we use are purchased from vintage vendors and collectors or from suppliers selling deadstock. This way we can follow our product from recycling, design, up-cycling until its ready. We know every person that worked on our items. Our prices reflect what it cost to make products on the local market and also the price of recycling and repair.


We want to promote and educate a sustainable approach that inspire humanity to act in a responsible manner giving them options that does not harm the world. Our practices shall never hurt animals, humans or the nature but instead contribute to good and positive results for everyone affected.


We promote and wish to contribute to a society with a circular economy, opposed to linear, meaning that nothing goes to waste and everything is utilized, reutilized, repurposed and recycled in the most effective, ethical and sustainable manner possible. Our vintage clothing program is born out of the idea to take care of surplus army, overstocked materials and vintage items to reduce waste and not produce more greenhouse gas emissions. We repair the items we recycle and up cycle them with vintage fabrics. It’s labor intensive, requires craftsmanship skills and extreme attention to details but it creates something truly unique which we are very proud to share with you.

The precious metals we use in our jewelry are fair mined. Mostly all metals both precious and non precious are mostly reclaimed metals. 


Our vintage program uses dyes and washes that are natural and not harmful against the environment. The jackets we use are always 100% Natural fibers.  We aim to always prioritize materials that are pure, natural, plant based and naturally biodegrade. We avoid working with materials or practices that lead to social and environmental harm such as petroleum-based synthetics including polyester, acrylic, nylon, and other plastics. 


We are working towards keeping shipping and packaging material to a minimum to reduce our environmental footprints. 


We are always striving to become as sustainable as we can; we are honest and true, trying to do our best.

We are in no means perfect but we are always striving towards improvement.  


The commitments to address the global emergency need to be followed and supported by all countries in the world to prevent irreversible damage from climate change. We need to act now. There is no clear vision for either governments, businesses or individuals how to change. Every Government, every business, every Individual, are urged to address the global emergency with full capacity today,

We are searching ways how to best educate, inspire and support a sustainable consumption and living.

We encourage and support every person and business who actively understands the importance of and fight against the climate crisis.

We are resistant and against every activity and behavior that threatens the nature, creates loss of biodiversity or risk social or ecological climate breakdown.

We are currently developing specific projects that support threatened areas and  ecological breakdown. 

We welcome you to be part of movement.

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