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 While there are many perspectives of what sustainability really is and about every approach needs to be put in perspective the core of sustainability is about your values and our mindset. The idea that the solutions to our climate can be found outside ourselves is an ill conceived idea. Instead we need to talk about the need of a spiritual awakening and the danger of not only unmindful production but as well unmindful consumption.

Todays atmosphere of capitalism, globalization and socialmedia is toxic and so is our way of life, and of our style of living. 

With a shifting mindset away from competition and material accumulation but instead directed towards respect, appreciation, cooperation and compassion, we can create a balanced sustainable lifestyle. This attitude needs to shift from both supply as well as demand side and today there is no balance.

While science and need for technical advancement is very important to find sustainable solutions, the root to the problem persist in a toxic mindset and attitude. 

If we can heal the root of the problem so can we heal and transform the world collectively into awakening and a sustainable way of living.

Since J Dauphin was created we have always strived to create products that can endure over time. High quality and artisanal slow craftsmanship has been our core principles and reason for existing. We aim to design and create pieces that can be passed on for generations. We work with local artisans and traditional craftsmanship creating in small limited series or unique pieces. We believe in authenticity and originality.  We live by the principle that there is interconnectedness between environmental sustainability, respect and appreciation of the nature, human beings and animals.

While every product is designed and created differently and are more or less sustainable, we strive to be as sustainable as we can. We reuse vintage military and work wear,  we source dead stock  and surplus fabrics and trims, we use non toxic dyes and we recycle materials. 

Our vintage collection offers you  unique pieces with zero waste, that have been transformed from what already existed on the market, none of the materials we used has been produced on our initiative. We can proudly say say that is difficult  to be more sustainable than that.