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Black Tiger Eye Root Chakra Healing Bracelet

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Black Tiger Eye Root Chakra Healing Bracelet

Black Tiger Eye Root Chakra Healing Bracelet

Material: Black Tiger Eye, Gold filled Bead

Women's Bracelet Size: 7"

Originating from Los Angeles, this healing bracelet showcases the deep and intense beauty of a single Black Tiger Eye bead. This mesmerizing gemstone is intimately tied to the Root Chakra, the energy center that grounds us and reaffirms our connection to the Earth.

Black Tiger Eye, also known as the "Stone of Protection," is widely recognized in the spiritual realm for its powerful protective properties. It is believed to create a barrier against negative energies, providing spiritual armor for its wearer. Its grounding influence is particularly effective in stabilizing emotions and fostering a clear, focused mind. This makes the Black Tiger Eye a valuable ally during challenging times, encouraging perseverance and resilience.

Additionally, Black Tiger Eye's protective nature assists in warding off harmful intentions and threats, acting as a talisman for psychic protection. It brings balance to the body and spirit, transforming fear into courage, anxiety into calmness, and confusion into clarity.

As an accessory, the deep, hypnotic hues of Black Tiger Eye make for a striking addition to your wardrobe. This bracelet can be worn alone or stacked with other gem bracelets, harmoniously blending their healing energies. Trust your natural instinct when choosing gemstones, as you are often drawn to the colors and energies you need. For a harmonious blend, consider pairing it with J dauphin stud bangles, thereby adding a dimension of holistic wellness to your style.

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