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Blue Sapphire Emerald Gold Plated Virgin Mary Bangle

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Blue Sapphire Emerald Gold Plated Virgin Mary Bangle

Blue Sapphire Gold Plated Virgin Mary Bangle

Material: 10k Gold Plated Brass Bangle

Gems: Emerald and Blue Sapphire

Made in Los Angeles

Size: Open Tiny adjustable 6.5-7"

 This Gold Plated Virgin Mary Bangle elegantly centers on one of the most revered figures in many cultures: The Virgin Mary. Renowned for her pure love, compassion, and motherly protection, the Virgin Mary's representation on this bangle provides a sense of spiritual comfort and divine connection for the wearer.

Adding a quiet sparkle to this piece are the Emerald and Blue Sapphire gemstones. The Emerald, associated with the Heart Chakra, is traditionally believed to foster love, compassion, and emotional well-being, reflecting the Virgin Mary's unconditional love.

Simultaneously, the Blue Sapphire, linked to the Throat Chakra, symbolizes wisdom and divine favor. It is thought to encourage clear communication, intuition, and expression - attributes that align with the Virgin Mary's communication of divine messages.

The subtle presence of these gems, though small, deepens the spiritual symbolism and contributes to the bracelet's overall significance. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, the bangle offers an adjustable size from 6.5-7". It is more than just an accessory; it's a reminder of universal love and guidance.


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