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Green Prehnite Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet Silver

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Green Prehnite Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet Silver

Green Prehnite Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet

Material: Small Green Prehnite, Silver Bead

Women's Bracelet Size: 7"

Crafted in Los Angeles, this healing bracelet showcases the lustrous beauty of a single Prehnite bead. Known for its gentle, soothing energies and soft apple-green hue, Prehnite is intimately connected to the Heart Chakra, the energetic center associated with unconditional love, compassion, and kindness.

Prehnite holds a revered place in the realm of spiritual crystals, believed to enhance intuition, foresight, and spiritual growth. It serves as a guide, bridging the gap between the heart and the will, enabling your actions to follow the insightful path illuminated by your heart. Its calming and soothing qualities offer a respite from the turbulence of daily life, soothing anxieties, worries, and restlessness.

By carrying a strong sense of trust in the Universe, this gem encourages the philosophy of 'letting go and letting God,' fostering an atmosphere of profound peace and understanding. The Prehnite bracelet is more than an accessory; it's a companion in your journey towards inner peace and self-awareness.

On a stylistic note, the Prehnite bracelet seamlessly blends with your chosen attire. It's versatile enough to be paired with your selection of other gem bracelets, creating a symphony of healing properties and colors. Following your natural instinct often leads to the right choice, you are often drawn to the colors you need. This piece is an ideal match with J dauphin stud bangles, making a unique style statement that carries a potent dose of holistic wellness.

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