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Moonstone Crown Chakra Healing Bracelet Silver

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Moonstone Crown Chakra Healing Bracelet Silver

Moonstone Crown Chakra Healing Bracelet Silver

Material: Sterling Silver Bead

Gems: Round Moon stone slightly shimmering in opal Blue

Made in Los Angeles

Women's Bracelet

Size: 7"

The Moonstone Beaded Silver Bracelet is a seamless blend of healing potential and natural beauty. The moonstone beads, glinting with a soft, opalescent glow, echo the tranquil aura of a serene moonlit night. This aesthetic appeal is accompanied by significant healing attributes, making this bracelet a powerful tool in crystal healing practices.

Moonstone, first discovered in ancient times, hails from Sri Lanka, India, Australia, and the United States, with each geographical location bestowing a unique shade or quality to the gemstone. No matter its source, moonstone possesses an enthralling glow, a phenomenon known as adularescence, which simulates the captivating dance of a lunar halo within each stone.

Beyond its physical beauty, moonstone is highly valued for its calming properties, helping to foster emotional stability, reduce stress, and inspire creativity. The healing energies of moonstone are intricately connected with the Crown Chakra, the spiritual energy center situated at the top of the head. By influencing intuition and psychic perception, moonstone assists in activating this chakra, paving the way for a profound connection with the universe and our higher self.

This simplicity and versatility of the Moonstone Beaded Silver Bracelet make it an excellent accessory for any occasion. Whether you're donning casual beachwear, an everyday outfit, or dressing up for a party, this bracelet can effortlessly complement your look. It's an invitation to mix and match with your selection of other gem bracelets, layer it with J dauphin stud bangles, or pair it with a chic watch. But beyond its aesthetics, this bracelet serves as a guide on your journey toward inner tranquility and spiritual growth, owing to the soothing and harmonizing properties of moonstone.

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