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Upcycled Vintage Military Jackets that are made from dead stock military and 100% Silks and Wool.

We wash and dye jackets, without using any harmful or toxic chemicals, we also using a special combination of essential oils for a pleasant fragrance.

Every jacket is one of a kind and we like to keep it like that, you can custom make jackets taking inspiration from already made jackets. Just send us an email and we will be happy to work with you on your special jacket! Bottons are vintage brass bottons, from 19th century if you are lucky.

The Jackets we use are mostly American Military from early 70's and before, we can never really tell with 100% precision but we do know that most military jackets made from the end of the 70"s was made from non natural fibers. We only select jackets that are 100% cotton.

The bottons we use are vintage, we are currently using French Navy Bottons that were made in Paris over 100 years ago.

The fabrics we use are dead stock Silk and wool, very limited, most of the fabrics are over 50 years old, mainly from the 60's or 70's. Almost all of are fabrics are made from Italy, France and England, they are always used from natural fibers and we proudly say we never use any fabrics containing polyester or synthetic. When a jacket has a hole we repair the hole with 100% silk, so the holes is what brings characters to the jacket.

Our jackets are made in Los Angeles by skilled sample makers, every jacket is unique, hand made, there are no existing patterns, every time a new jacket is made we create a new pattern in order to cut the fabrics in the perfect size.

We are proud to be as sustainable as possible and to offer you one of a kind, unique jackets that represent great values. Our jackets has both history and soul and we are most certain you will feel the difference!

We wish that your jacket is a life long investment! Show the jacket love and respect and possibly it could be kept for generations.