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Our Upcycled Vintage Jackets that are made from surplus military and dead stock fabrics from Italy, France or England. We invest in left over super limited silk, tweeds and wools from high end brands such as Chanel.

All washes and dyes are toxic free.
The Jackets we use are mostly American Military from early 70's or before, We only select jackets that are 100% cotton. The bottons we use are vintage, we are currently using French Navy Bottons that were made in Paris over 100 years ago.

We are proud to be as sustainable as possible and to offer a one of a kind, highly individual jacket that has origin in great values. Our jackets has both history and soul and we are most certain you will feel the difference! 
We wish that your jacket is a life long investment! Show the jacket love and respect and possibly it could be kept for generations.