Our Up cycled Vintage Jackets are made from vintage military clothing and french workwear from the period 1940-1970. All Jackets are 100% Natural Fibers and the trims we use are the finest on the market. Mostly Vintage and Antiques, always dead stock, made in France and Italy. Almost all fabrics are original from French and Italian Luxury houses such as Chanel, Valentino and more. We always look for excellence, selecting the most exquisite materials ever created. Our mission: to create and select materials from what already exists on the market, creates one of a kind and highly unique products like no others.

We constantly strive to be as sustainable and circular as possible, but more than a mission it's our reason to exist. We profoundly believe and operate from the vision that sustainability arrives from a longterm thinking where we always strive for excellence. We call it Sustainable Luxury.